Ecological Adventure in Cerro Azul

Ecological Adventure in Cerro Azul

Wow, what can I say? This pine trees, treetops, flowery colored, cool, a humid valley located just 45 minutes from Panama city is any Honeymooner or adventurer dream come true. Truly feeling away from it all, this place will provide a strong contact with the natural wonders of the Chagres National Park.

This High Hill valley mountainous terrain which forms part of the Chagres National Park is where it all begins. The River Chagres with its forest that produces 40% of the water needed to operate the Panama Canal, also produces all of the water consumed in the provinces of Panama and Colon. Without the River Chagres the construction of the Panama Canal would have been impossible, and without the Chagres National Park, there would have been no river.

This green flowery valley with colorful butterflies, toucans, colibris, and many other bird species, colorful crickets and spiders, and a vast pure water river make this place a fantastic adventure. Once you take the senderos into the River and get to the river you would be amazed at the purity and clear color of its waters. I personally had two water bottles in hand and decided to fill them up and drink the water for the remaining of the day.

This trip is just as awesome in the winter as it is in the summer. The good thing about the winter is that the river is flowing much better and the rain and the sun goes and comes and with an umbrella, you can manage easily. Even without an umbrella, you can manage, because the rain stays on the treetops and you do not get soaked.

The weather of the place is simply incredible and one would not imagine that being so close to the city the weather of this mountain could be so different. The places fogginess is just awesome. You can with your car lights on easily see ahead, and you may want to roll out your window to breath the pure air and feel the cool breeze. Could be very foggy and not even be raining. The place has restaurants with fresh food.

What can I say the place is a natural wonder and very safe. Beautiful is the best word to describe it.