Panama – One of the Greatest Destinations on Earth

Panama – One of the Greatest Destinations on Earth

Exotic tropical rain forests, beautiful climate, gorgeous mountain scenery, and Caribbean style beaches sound wonderful, especially when you’re sitting in a climate controlled office wondering how hot or cold temperatures going to be outside.

Tourist destinations in Panama make the best vacation options. This country has the greatest variety of attractions, the best Caribbean style beaches and islands and the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the world. It is a travel destination that offers the sophistication of the most urban cities in the world, and the outdoor sporting activities anyone needing to get away from the rat race could ever want.

Vacations Panama are as varied as the hours in the day – one moment you could be socializing with one of the seven living Indian cultures in the country; the next you’ll be living the nightlife and having the shopping experiences that only the residents of a Miami style sophisticated city enjoy. And let’s not forget, it is here that you experience the eighth wonder of the world – the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal. There is no other destination in the world that has as many attractions and as many interesting differences as Panama.

Fabulous Panama Weather

The weather in Panama is among the most desired in the world. This country is the size of Wisconsin, yet it has such a variety of temperatures. Experience year-round warm tropical climate, on the beaches or water surrounded areas, then head off to the mountains where mountain cities offer cooler temperatures of around 70 to 80° year-round.

Economical and Political Stability

A major reason for the popularity of vacations in Panama is because of its political stability in the low crime rate. Panama is one of the most stable democratic republics in Latin America and has long been a US ally. Visitors can freely enjoy the sights sounds and activities without having to worry about crime, theft or assault. In fact, the crime rate in Panama is much lower than it is in most US cities.

Tourist Attractions

Deciding to travel to Panama is a great idea, as there are activities and attractions for people of every age, gender, and culture. The people, the country, the weather in Panama and the food are amazing – and worth experiencing.

The people

Panamanians are known to be friendly and very helpful. They are fun loving and enjoy life as most people from Latin countries do. However, Panama is different as it has an international ambiance, one that gives it a tremendous sense of sophistication. This urban feel is due to the large immigration of European, American, Asian and Canadian nationals who have worked or retired here.


Because of Panama’s close ties to the US and Panama’s higher economic standing, sanitary conditions are extraordinary, so you can expect hotels to be luxurious, and accommodating and very comfortable. However, visitors who wish to experience the real Panama often prefer houses for rent in Panama. Many foreign residents or part-time residence offer vacation homes that are extremely luxurious yet built in the native style, offering a more enriching Panamanian vacation.

Bottom Line

Without question, Panama offers tourists excitement and spectacular scenery. It is certainly worth exploring. This is the one place that all eco-tourism locations are easy to reach, allowing you to hike in the highlands or swim at the beach without having to waste time getting to the location. Visit an ancient colonial town, or shop in the most eclectic boutiques in Panama city, all in the same day. You can experience a luxury vacation in Panama at an affordable price, as the cost of living is lower here. When visiting, you must take in the sights of Panama City, Bocas del Toro, Bouquete and Coronado, as these offer the most interesting sites and activities in the country.