Surfers’ Paradise

Surfers’ Paradise

Surfs up in the country of Panama where the water is crystal clear and the air is refreshing. Panama is a magnificent country that has two oceans to choose from for surfing it also boasts Volcan Baru the only volcano in Panama, where visitors who want to avoid the surf can participate in a Panamanian pastime volcano walking. Avid surfers who love the adrenaline rush couldn’t find a better place to practice their sport. With both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans surrounding this country, the hardest thing will be finding time to surf all the great areas. Some prefer the mainland while others head to the islands’ beaches to mingle with locals. Whatever the pleasure, surfing in Panama is extreme and one of the thrills of a lifetime.

The waters have different swelters that will fit most surfers. For those who love water with warm temperatures and enormous complex waves, surfing on the Panama side is sure to please. Those who love the smaller waves and are in the beginner’s crowd can also find ample waves to enjoy in various other areas. The best time to hit the waves in Panama is May through November. During this peak season, the biggest swells have been found and surfing season is at its prime. There are parts of the country that does provide surfing year round, but due to the wind and rainy seasons, May through November is considered the best time to head to this area.

If interested in going where the tourists flock, then the central Panama area is perfect. This prime Panama surf area is on the Azuero Peninsula and it is close to the famous Coiba Marine National Park. There are over fifteen different surf locations to choose from. The top spot in the entire town to do some surfing and catching a few rays is called Venado. This area is popular because of the international surfing competitions that are being held here. People come from all over the world just to catch one of the waves Panama style.

Santa Catalina

Want to visit a remote location to surf? There are helicopters and also ferries or boat transport systems that can get the tourist to where they need to go. While Venado is popular for competitions, Santa Catalina is the most famous of all Panama surf destinations. It is the scenic beach that seems to draw people to the shores. One reason why this area is so popular is that maintains stable surfing conditions that surfers love.

One unique thing in the country of Panama is that great deals of the hotels actually have the word surf in them. The best spot of all, Santa Catalina. With year-round good surfing conditions, the waves here can swell up to twenty-five feet; a surfers dream. Santa Catalina sits on the Gulf of Montijo and is a short five-hour drive to the capital city. Some surfers find it hard to believe that this area was once just an old and run down fishing village. Today, due to its popularity in surfing, it is an international sensation.

Coiba and Golfo de Chiriqui

Sandwiched between Santa Catalina and the Costa Rica border is a great quantity of other leading surfing places to consider. Coiba and Golfo de Chiriqui are two main marine parks that are located in the area. These two parks offer numerous prime island spots to catch a wave. Those who actually want the whole surf resort kind of feel should check out Isla Ensenada. The village of Tole, which is on the mainland, is where the Isla Ensenada is located.

Surfing In The Capital

Amid central Panama and the capital city, there is more than a dozen surfing destination to try. The great thing is most are centrally located and close to one another, and they can be reached on foot. Waves have been measured in this area to be around a height of twenty-five feet. Even the smallest waves have been measured at 4 feet, which is still plenty for surfing. Because of the variations of waves between the different areas, there are ample places for the beginning; intermediate and advanced surfer to ride the waves.

For those who are new to surfing and want to learn the sport, there are plenty of places that give surfing lessons. If flying internationally and tourists don’t want to lug boards on the plane, there are ample locations that sell boards for surfers to choose from. If seeking out world-class surf spots is the complete adrenaline rush for you, then you must consider scheduling a surfing getaway or your next family holiday trip (packing your board of course) in this amazing country.