Enjoy the Complete Experience in Panama

Enjoy the Complete Experience in Panama

Panama is a small country that is sandwiched between two continents, i.e., North America, and South America. Many know of Panama because of the Panama Canal that was built by the Americans between 1904 and 1914. But there is a lot more to this small Central American country than just the 50-mile long canal. Travel to Panama can enlighten people about the beauty of this country that is located a short flight most US cities. A package tour can provide all of the best this country of paradise can offer and create the experience of a lifetime for all international vacationers.

Panama has ample beaches to beckon tourists who are from colder regions of the world and crave for warm blue waters and white sands. Unlike many beaches in the world, the beaches here are almost pristine in condition, partly because not many tourists choose Panama as their vacation destination, and partly because native people like Kuna tribe continue to be in harmony with nature. Travel to Panama can give a glimpse of some ancient ways of preserving nature.

Most tourists would enjoy a visit to Kunayala or San Blas islands. Staying in Kunayala islands may be tough for many tourists because accommodations here are not equipped with modern comforts. Many of the complete travel packages to Panama include a stay in these natural accommodations so people opting for such Panama vacations all-inclusive packages have a variety of options.

Yandup Islands may have better accommodations. Ukupseni people who are known to be very beautiful life here. From far, the islands look like baby toys in the deep blue sea. There is truly not much distance between these islands, and people can swim across the clear waters. White sands and blue waters create a beach lovers’ heaven. A short boat ride is all that stands between mainland arrivals and this island paradise.

The Caribbean Sea on the North and Pacific Ocean on south offer large belts of beaches in Panama which are lined by dark green palms and coconut trees. People come here to swim, surf, snorkel, and even travel further down into the sea on boats to enjoy fishing. The list of beaches in Panama includes the beach Playa Coronado, lsla Blastimentos, David beach, and Pedasi. Some of the places in the coastal region have awesome natural formations and trekking paths like lsla Colon.

The country has several natural forests and jungles as well. Darien jungles may be included in the itinerary of adventurous people. Most tour operatives offering a comprehensive all-inclusive Panama travel package include a visit to this jungle. Other attractions for eco-tourists would be lsla San Jose, and rainforests surrounding Panama City.

Boquete and Volcan are two other cities that tourists would find interesting. These are hilly regions with several streams near them. The climate here is cold, in sharp contrast to the coastal regions, which are not very far. This difference in climate is because of altitude. The country has several farms on the slopes of mountainous terrain. These mountains are volcanic in origin. A small village called El Valle de Anton is built around the second biggest extinct volcano. This beautiful village may not be included in Panama travel all-inclusive packages.

People in Panama are friendly and industrious- the economy is one of the strongest in Latin America, and it’s capital Panama City is a thriving center for commerce between the America’s and benefits from shipping through its canal from the all over the world. Yet even this bustling city offers opportunities to revel in the beauty of this unique natural wonder. Panama City is one of the few modern cities that are surrounded by several acres of untouched rainforests, offering a lot of trekking and hiking opportunities to the visitors. This city is an interesting blend of the modern world with historic past. In addition, there are cultural imprints of six different ethnic communities that live harmoniously out here. There are colorful carnivals as well like in rest of the Southern and Central American regions. The modern Panama city offers contemporary nightlife due to the influence of American and Canadian tourists. It is also famous for theater, art, and music. Many music festivals are held here and both western music and local folk music are appreciated. There are many colonial plazas on Casco Viejo area of Panama. These majestic historic buildings have been restored for tourists.

With so much to see, tourists should check what all inclusive Panama Travel options are available before making Panama travel plans. Though the country is very beautiful, it is also quite poor. Many of the modern comforts are missing but the beauty of the countryside more than compensates for it. Usually, it implies bed and breakfast for the period of stay, apart from local transportation and charges for a flight back to starting point of such journey. Tourists may have to spend on lunch, tea, and dinner.