Go on a Romantic Panamanian Horseback Ride for Two

Go on a Romantic Panamanian Horseback Ride for Two

Planning a romantic getaway to the exotic tropical destination of Panama? Sure, the Panama Canal and the centuries-old architecture are must-sees, but one of the must-do activity besides surfing in Panama is exploring the shores of Panama on horseback. Go on a riding adventure along the sandy white beaches or through the lush Panamanian rainforest. In fact, a marriage proposal or two has been known to happen on horseback rides to enhance the romantic, ambient and distinctly memorable experience. It’s also a great way to marvel over Panama’s natural beauty and it will be a favorite highlight of your romantic vacation.

Meet Your Horses & Hit the Beach

Horses are a bit magical themselves and it’s fun getting to know your steeds, together as a couple. While exploring Panama’s lovely Caribbean shores, you’ll bask in the open airy setting that is indeed a slice of paradise and all very sensual. Revel in the beauty of azure blue skies, pristine turquoise blue and emerald green waters, palm trees, crashing surf, and feel the cool breezes and warm sun on your skin.

It’s a thrill to take control of your horse for a trot, canter, or gallop along the beach, to wade and splash through the surf, and indulge your olfactory senses in the aromatic flora and fauna along the Panamanian adventure trails. It’s a great way to exhilarate the spirit and titillate your senses.

Enjoy the “locals” including curious monkeys and exotic birds hanging out in trees, as well as bright green iguanas, and other native wildlife. You can even pick wild tropical fruit fresh from the trees, like bananas that grow along some of the trails. For a completely different mood and ambiance, go on a romantic sunset beach ride before heading on to a wonderful dinner under starry skies.

Go on a Rainforest Adventure Ride

Fulfill an idyllic fantasy and survey your kingdom together on a Panamanian jungle adventure ride on horseback. Immerse in the natural world on a mystical ride through a cloud forest and over misty mountaintops. View spectacular scenery including breathtaking waterfalls that flow into inviting pristine blue-green pools. Overlook panoramic vistas including the Caribbean coastline, serpentine rivers, steep canyons, and ravines. Discover a world unknown as you view the extinct Baru volcano, the famous coffee-growing mountains, and pastoral valleys. Pass under rainforest tree canopies vibrantly alive with wildlife inhabitants. Some parts of the rainforest canopy are so dense it’s like the thrill of riding through a tree tunnel. You can even ride to mineral hot springs and treat yourselves to a refreshing dip.

Birdwatchers will be tickled to know the locals guarantee you’ll see the colorful, iridescent Resplendent Queztal along the Queztal Trail between January through May, with a 25% chance of a sighting the rest of the year. Although the Queztal is virtually extinct in its indigenous Guatemalan homeland, they’re thriving in the Panamanian jungle.

Planning Your Ride

The length of Panama City horseback riding around the towns vary from short rides of about 1.5 hours to all-day adventure rides of up to 7.5 hours which will include a lunch and snacks, along with incredible views at every turn.

Whether you’re experienced riders or beginners, your outfitter will select horses to match your experience level so you’ll feel completely at ease on your ride. Most rides will include a guide to ensure your safety and that of the horses, plus the guide will lead you to points of interest and beautiful trails along the way. Rest assured, you’ll never feel crowded by the guide on your romantic ride for two.

It’s always a great idea to book your horseback ride in advance to ensure the right horses for your height, weight, and skill-level are available. Also, some outfitters allow their riders to ride in very casual clothes on easy rides but it’s best to wear long pants and hiking boots, preferably with a one-inch heel to maintain contact with your stirrups on more challenging rides. Boots and long pants provide protection from vegetation and bug bites, and also in case you want to dismount, stretch your legs and explore along the way.

So when planning your vacation itinerary, be sure to include Panama horseback riding tours for an enchanting and unforgettable experience.