Visit and Experience the Culture and Traditions of Panama

Visit and Experience the Culture and Traditions of Panama

When planning a trip to Panama, it’s easy to conjure images of long ago times when Spanish conquistadors sailed to Central America in search of gold. These European explorers used Panama as a crossroads between the Americas, dragging their gold and silver treasures back to the Spanish empire. This rich culture of indigenous people and Spanish influence is only one of the reasons that make Panama so special. The world-class vacation attractions in Panama offer something for everyone. Its geological location, as a narrow strip of land in Central America, lets visitors spend a lazy day on a sun-soaked beach by the Pacific Ocean one day, and the next day, you can be soaking on another golden beach by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, even doing some volcano walking. It’s a magical experience and one that the whole family will love.

What places in Panama are there to see? Well, you can start by traveling to the capital. Panama City travel involves soaking in the atmosphere of a melting pot of cultures. Panama City is a beautiful Latin-American capital with modern hotels and no shortage of natural beauty. This thriving metropolis is an ideal starting point for learning the traditions that define exotic Panama. It’s a hub of commerce for Central America, bustling with a rich mix of diverse ethnicities and cultures.

The famous Panama Canal is a true wonder of the world. The narrow man-made passage connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, and you can often see huge ships majestically sailing through this 48-mile long passage. Cruise ships navigate the canal and eager passengers stand at the rails of their ship, waving down to the local people in friendly greeting. It’s almost easy to forget how many other attractions Panama has, but the Panama Canal should only be a single stop in a full itinerary.

Take a trip around Panama City and get to know the aged buildings and the friendly people. The Panama Viejo is one of the last remaining parts of old Panama City, dating back to 1519. History buffs will love walking around this ruined structure, getting a feel for a time of pirates and Spanish explorers. There’s plenty of history to explore, but remember to take a break and sample some fine Panamanian cuisine at one of the local restaurants. The cuisine is a heady fusion of exotic food from Spain and America, with a dash of the Caribbean thrown in. Try some Carimanola, fried yucca roll, and fresh plantains.

To explore all of the cool places in Panama you’ll want to get out of the city at some point. Finish off a few days in Panama City with a stroll down Plazia Francia, then head for the country. The breath-taking diversity of the country offers plenty of choice for visitors, and each of those choices features breathtaking beauty. Do you want to delve into the sprawling rain-forest? Perhaps you want to head for the coast and the long stretches of sandy beach? Those pristine beaches are perfect for sunbathing or taking a fun scuba diving lesson. Both the Pacific side and the Caribbean side have a staggering amount of tiny islands to visit. These unspoiled destinations have sections of beautiful coral and are surrounded by soothing turquoise waters. Visit Comarca Kuna Yala and stay at the Robinson Crusoe Rustic, before taking a nap on a lazily swinging hammock.

There are beaches and jungle highlands to explore. Panama’s strong culture of colorful carnivals and diversely mixed religions is fascinating, but there’s one other thing to be had in Panama, and that’s fun! The world-class fishing on a modern, fully outfitted boat gives you the chance to find marlin and snapper. Imagine floating between those tropical islands, in pristine waters, and relaxing as you wait for a marlin to take the bait.

Of all the cool places in Panama, the lush highland forests offer the most variety for wildlife lovers, with chances to observe colorful animal life in their natural habitat. It’s an ecological wonder, with tropical birds flying overhead, and you have the chance to hike through all of this or take a zip line over the canopy of the forest. This is living large in Panama.