Rome and summer activities

Rome and summer activities

Rome is a great place to visit no matter what time of the year you choose to visit, as there will always be something to do or see. However, if you are considering making a trip to Rome, Italy during the summer you are sure to have a special treat awaiting you.

Rome summer

I love spending my summers in Rome, because it is the off season for tourists and also because this is the time when many of the locals take their vacations or travel to the coast. Summer is the only time of the year, when you will get to see Rome minus all the throngs of tourists and people eager to see the Vatican, making it the most peaceful, not to mention most cost-effective time to travel here.

Since the influx of tourists to Rome decreases during the summer, hotels, restaurants and tour operators tend to drop their rates in an effort to attract more customers. This gives me great accommodation at a budget price while cutting down my travel costs.

If you are looking to tour the city and understand its culture and beauty, make it a point to visit the Coliseum, Campo de’ Fiori and the Trastevere. The Coliseum opens many of its cordoned off portions to visitors during the summer and the squares and fountains are not crowded with people milling about, giving you a great opportunity to take some fantastic pictures if you are a photographer.

Another fascinating aspect about being in Rome during the summer is that you will get to attend many open-air shows and entertainment events organized in the Via dei Fori Imperiali, many of which have free entry.

Music lovers will enjoy themselves in Rome as the city hosts many concerts in summer; jazz concerts and live readings take place near the Basilica di Massenzio, while the Villa Celimontana and surrounding areas host many shows.