Clubbing in Rome? Head for the Testaccio district.

Clubbing in Rome? Head for the Testaccio district.

Sightseeing in Rome can be a wonderful experience, but it is also a sober way to spend your entire Rome vacation. If you want to experience an exciting side of Rome that you will never see when you are visiting the Vatican Museums or gazing at the Colosseum, you must visit one of the nightclubs in Rome Testaccio.

The Romans love their nightlife, as the region of Testaccio clearly illustrates; this area comes to life only after midnight; so if you cannot stay awake after midnight, Testaccio is not the right place for you. If you are a party enthusiast, you will be delighted to find that Testaccio has something for everybody and you are sure to find something that will suit your tastes and preference from sophisticated lounges to local bars. Testaccio is known as Rome’s “club zone” and is literally packed with clubs and people of all ages and walks of life; a walk through Testaccio’s streets will have you meeting some of the most well dressed people as well as quite a few skimpily clad party goers.

Each nightclub in Testaccio comprises several rooms, each of which offers different types of music. So you can hop from room to room till you find the type of music that your feet respond to. Parties take place every night, but the nightlife scene is at its best on Saturday nights.

Testaccio is easily accessible and it is best not to bother about driving or walking there; the easiest option is to catch a cab because there are plenty of them available. If you feel that the cab fare is too expensive, take a night bus along the via Marmorata. Dress in a unique and creative manner and you will attract plenty of attention in the club zone. You just need not worry about not fitting in because everybody fits in at Testaccio.

If you have the courage and the inclination, you can try visiting Gender, considered to be Rome’s only fetish club. The place, however, is highly expensive and has several private cabins.