Museo della Pasta

Museo della Pasta

Along with pizza, Pasta is one of the most famous Italian foods and also one of its most famous exports – it’s no wonder then that in Rome is a museum, the Museo della Pasta, which is dedicated to this healthy and diverse food type which offers an interesting and enjoyable experience to anyone visiting the city.

Pasta Museum – Museo della Pasta

For many, pasta is synonymous with Italian cuisine and it accounts for a considerable amount of the food consumed a whole lot within the boundaries of Italy itself, and increasingly, all around the globe.

People all over the world have gradually adopted the culture of eating pasta and preparing home-made to gourmet pasta dishes.

The Museo della Pasta is made up of 11 exhibition tours and is packed with information and resourceful displays and videos which make it well worth a visit.

The museum takes you through the journey of pasta over the years from how and when it was first created to its place in modern society.

You can also learn all about how pasta is produced, viewing some of the implements that have been used over the thousands of years that pasta has existed in many different forms.

There’s the opportunity to also learn all about the nutritional values of the different types of pasta, something which adds a different dynamic to what you can take away from your visit.

You can walk around the museum on your own or take advantage of one of the talking tours which run at regular intervals throughout the day. For those who do not speak Italian, there is the opportunity to hire headphones which translate the talking tours into various different languages.

So there you have it, for everything pasta, the Museo della Pasta is your best bet, and a trip to Rome is not complete without visiting the pasta museum!