Taxi in Rome

Taxi in Rome

If you need a taxi can not go wrong, they are just white with a taxi sign on the roof of the car. You can take them to the parking places in streets and squares. But you can also get them on the run with a wave of his hand. Or if you prefer you can call it by typing the phone numbers listed below, calculate the amount that the count starts from the starting point of the taxi that is confirmed by the radio station. From Fiumicino airport to the center and back takes about 40 minutes from Ciampino less.

When you’re at the airport of Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci), after having collected your luggage you are in the corridor with shops and box offices for every type of service you need. To take a taxi you have to exit out of the central corridor and along the sidewalk, there will be taxis (white with the roof scitta taxis) waiting for you. You must take the first row that will take you to your hotel. Allow about 40 minutes to downtown. A little less if your hotel is located outside the center. About an hour if your hotel is located on the opposite side of Rome. If you’re going to ask the driver to the port of Civitavecchia. At the end of the race is used to tip

Very important!

When you ride a taxi do not be afraid that driver takes a bigger distance, traffic is so bad in Rome that this will not be convenient to them. They would lose precious time. Taxi drivers also wait for you inside their taxis, following the order of the line. Beware of those who are soliciting you

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